It’s the one and only Meganelizabeth Diamond, a true Winnipeg original and Kmiec & Onizak‘s latest muse. She’s a photographer, a collector, a collaborator, a poet, and a major league babe who knows how to throw together an outfit.

I first met Meganelizabeth when she asked to shoot for SANDBOX a few years ago. She photographed the lovely Andre Forest and her knitting club, shooting with film and delivering the kind of photos we hadn’t published in the magazine before. From that point on she was my go-to girl whenever I wanted a completely fresh perspective on a story.

It was exciting to get this woman of talent in front of the camera for a change. (You can catch some of the photo shoot fun in the behind-the-scenes video.) Her unusual brand of beauty translates amazingly in photographs. A rare diamond indeed.



How did you get a wicked name like Meganelizabeth Diamond? 

My mother made my name up. Derived from the Greek of “pearl,” Megan as a first name is a pet form of Margaret.
Diamond is her maiden name, and Elizabeth fits nicely in between.

My siblings have a different last name then I do due to them having a different father, making me the last Diamond.

How often do people get it wrong?

I always say “Meganelizabeth. All one word, no space, no dash, no capital E.” That in itself is a mouthful to get out. The most common misconception is that it is two separate words (understandably so).



 What do you most like to spend your time doing?

Treasure hunting, spooning my dog Skye, reading, writing, Benjamin, taking photographs, crocheting, working in my sketchbook, adventuring, people watching, making friends with strangers, chronicling.

What do you do to earn a living?

I’m a barista at Stella’s at the Airport. In front of the departures, people watching all the goodbyes and see-you-soons.

What do you see yourself doing in twelve years?

Twelve years is an awfully long time away but, I’ll have my degree in New Media by then, be an established artist, and be starting my family.


What do you collect?

I collect memories with my photographs and notebooks.


Do you like  living in Winnipeg?

I am a country girl at heart. I grew up in Hazelridge which is outside of the city. Apple trees, open fields, and if you took a walk down the train tracks you would make your way to the creek. I moved to Winnipeg when I was 16 and it was quite the adjustment coming from such a small town. I am ready to set sail again, east coast bound.



What was it like at the photo shoot with Jessica and Michael?

It was a first for me to be on the other side of the lens but, I felt so comfortable and natural with Jess behind the lens. It’s always exciting to work with people you can be on the same page with and collaborate ideas together that flow so seamlessly. Jess and Mike are such a warm and talented team. Suzy stopped by for a surprise video shoot which added to the excitement! It certainly was a splendid Sunday.

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