Fashion industry in India, Paris and Milan are entirely moving into digital

Recently fashion design council of India (FDCI) has announced to conduct India’s ever – first digital fashion week. This is the decision which was taken due to continuous cancellation and postponed cancel events. The fashion world is now in the situation to move completely digital due to the COVID – 19 pandemic conditions. After the outbreak of COVID – 19, fashion technology in India and also all over the world has been facing many striving issues. To tackle this adhesive condition fashion industry in Italy has also announced that the popular Milan and Paris fashion will go digital this month.

Digital is the demand now

FDCI has realized that digital media is now the only hope to catch hold the business and so executives in FDCI has conformed clearly that all the upcoming fashion week will become digital for certain period of time. The chairman of FDCI has given a statement which says “the executives in fashion technology are tirelessly working hard to reinvent the wheel and to reset the whole buttons in digital form”. He also added that detailed information regarding the fashion week going digital will be announced as early as possible just after completing the plans extensively. Also certain sources add that the digital fashion week will be continuing till the month of august hoping that the condition will improve then.

Italy’s men’s Milan fashion week

Men’s popular Milan fashion week will be postponed to the month of July and it was actually planned to be conducted on the month of June. All the new arrivals of both men and women suits which can be worn in summer is given more importance at this time in Milan fashion. This fashion week will be presented purely in digital form posting all the vital pictures and videos in an


I don’t know about you, but the idea of a short-sleeved sweater gets me very, very excited. THIS bad boy (the shirt, not the Depp lookalike) showed up in my email the other day, in a weekly newsletter from one of my favourite online purveyors of goods: Best Made Company. And if you haven’t heard of them before, take a look, because this is where you’ll be buying your boyfriend’s bday prezzies from now on.

Their stuff is expensive, high-quality, and unwaveringly rugged.

They started out making luxury axes – tools with supreme craftsmanship and gorgeously painted handles. I can’t imagine anyone who actually uses axes to chop wood would ever buy one of these. But I can imagine a lot of hipsters hanging them on the walls of their urban apartments.

I first stumbled upon BMC when I was looking for Nor-V-Gen shoe oil to waterproof my loafers. (It works!) But then I found a hundred other things they sell that I both love and cannot afford.


Is it the distressed bag I’m coveting or the man carrying it? Probably both. The point is, they know how to market the shit out of a “ditty” bag.


These pups bring me back to my days as a lifeguard. Except mine were about four times as wide and didn’t look nearly so good soaking wet.

Real men drink from hollowed out horns, of course.

I probably don’t cut enough things to justify $66 on a pair of scissors, but we both know I’m going to do spend it anyway.

This cargo net reminds me of a DIY I’ve been meaning to try lately. I would use mine for toilet paper.


On any given day you’ll catch me wearing a version of this grey sweater. But this baby has …


It ain’t that easy to pose for the camera when all eyes are on you. To have the ability to do it with such ease and personality is really a talent.

“Honestly, I’m not much of an actor. If you put me in front of crowds to talk then I stutter and get very nervous. However posing in front of the camera, without having to speak to it, is so much easier. I can work my emotions through my face and body, no need for speech,” says Dez Joyal, the Winnipeg-born, French Canadian model.

Like most, she got into modelling at a young age. Her stint with modelling began with a model and talent search put on by Panache Management.

“I had been walking in the mall with a girlfriend of mine when we were 12 years old, and we saw a stage with people handing out flyers. I signed up without even taking two thoughts about it. Next thing I knew, I had a phone call asking me to be in the show. I loved it, and ended up starting the program with Panache. The following summer, I was off to Tokyo.”


I love how kittenish she looks in these photos by Izabela Rachwal (Izabela can turn anyone into a sex goddess, though Dez really didn’t need much help). I first met Dez during a shoot for the Summer 2011 issue of SANDBOX Magazine. She worked daisy-printed hotpants and wooden platforms like a champ.

“Working with Izabela is great. We have now shot twice together, and I feel like she’s been a long time friend to me. We ‘ve had to stop shooting a couple times because we started laughing about dragged on subjects that have nothing to do with modeling. She’s a blast, a super sweet girl.”…


It seems like forever that I’ve been scheming and planning these Postertees/tank, so it’s exciting to announce that they’re finally here. Sometimes I just can’t get over the nice looking faces (and stems) we’ve got right here in Winnipeg. They’re just so good that, well, they deserve to be on a shirt.

You know what else deserves to be on a shirt? Anything made by Roy Liang. Roy is a very talented local artist/crafter who moonlights as a DJ. Remember those neighbourhood shirts with the street names running down the side? He’s responsible for those, among other amazing (and often Winnipeg-inspired) pieces. We’re so lucky to have had him design this great 90′s bitch tee, inspired by Icona Pop’s song, I Love It.


We had so much fun shooting them this weekend and the photos turned out incredible. Almost makes me want to make them into a tee. Whoops, sorry.


I’ve also been having so much fun wearing my own tee that I wore it for two days straight. I almost wished I hadn’t the other night when the pizza guy came in and I featured my number with a top bun and PJ pants. I thought the first time anyone saw me in my Grant tee would be a little more glamorous. But whatever, who says pizza isn’t glamorous.





The two tees and tank will be in stores as of Friday. For locals, check out Green Apple Skateboard Shop on Corydon, and Freshair Boutique on Academy (selected styles). For those shopping from afar, we’ll have our little Etsy shop up and running by the end of the week, so keep those eyes peeled.…


This is Elsie and Emma. Two nerdy super babe sisters that are ridiculously good at everything. They’re the creators of the amazing blog A Beautiful Mess and also design dresses.

“A beautiful mess is all about creating a beautiful life. We share daily inspirations, DIY projects, and recipes. We believe that the best things in life are homemade.”

Looking for information on everything you ever wanted to know (like tips on how to take better photos of your pet) and how to do it better? These gals have got you covered.

They share DIYs like this great little cocktail cart.

And tips on photography, like how to shoot your home, what great iPhone photo apps to use, and as mentioned, pet photography. I’m feeling better already.

They also share the best recipes. Want to know what this is? Ombre ricotta pancakes.

I take back whatever I said about being over ombre.

Elsie and Emma also provide tips on home decor, fashion and beauty.

Like how to re-create every adorable hairstyle ever.

If you’re looking for a new daily source of creative inspiration, visit 
A Beautiful Mess. Or creep Emma and Elsie on Instagram here and here.…


I guess you could say I’m feeling a little nostalgic today. This particular girl crush features the one and only Karla Deras of Karla’s Closet. Though she wasn’t my first girl crush (that blonde haired beauty dates back to the playground) she was one of the first bloggers I ever really got into. This was more than 5 years ago, and Karla was debuting her look: AA u-neck dresses and cropped motorcycle jackets. Though her style and haircuts have evolved over the years, she almost never fails to kill it (except for this really short stint somewhere between 2008 and 2009 – however she gracefully recovered).

Paris fashion week swag? Nailed it.

One of the things I love most about Karla is how she dresses for her curves. She talks a little bit about it in the video here. She’s incredibly proud of her Central American ethnicity and knows how to work it.

“I love dresses that hug the body, especially because I kind of have a butt…and um, hips. And I like something that accentuates that,” she says.

Like many bloggers, you don’t get a chance to hear them speak very often. I watched this video for the first time today and her voice totally took me by surprise. I had imagined something a little sexy that would match her fashion sense. Instead, it’s pretty meek and kind of adorable.

It’s pretty difficult to define Karla’s style, but typically, she favours big patterns, bright colours, architectural shapes and costume style jewellery.

And then some days she get’s all hood. And it’s the best.

No matter the day, she’s always rocking something a little glamorous.

“I don’t wear heels and a tutu to Starbucks or to grab coffee so that people can stare at me, I wear it because that’s …


It’s the one and only Meganelizabeth Diamond, a true Winnipeg original and Kmiec & Onizak‘s latest muse. She’s a photographer, a collector, a collaborator, a poet, and a major league babe who knows how to throw together an outfit.

I first met Meganelizabeth when she asked to shoot for SANDBOX a few years ago. She photographed the lovely Andre Forest and her knitting club, shooting with film and delivering the kind of photos we hadn’t published in the magazine before. From that point on she was my go-to girl whenever I wanted a completely fresh perspective on a story.

It was exciting to get this woman of talent in front of the camera for a change. (You can catch some of the photo shoot fun in the behind-the-scenes video.) Her unusual brand of beauty translates amazingly in photographs. A rare diamond indeed.



How did you get a wicked name like Meganelizabeth Diamond? 

My mother made my name up. Derived from the Greek of “pearl,” Megan as a first name is a pet form of Margaret.
Diamond is her maiden name, and Elizabeth fits nicely in between.

My siblings have a different last name then I do due to them having a different father, making me the last Diamond.

How often do people get it wrong?

I always say “Meganelizabeth. All one word, no space, no dash, no capital E.” That in itself is a mouthful to get out. The most common misconception is that it is two separate words (understandably so).



 What do you most like to spend your time doing?

Treasure hunting, spooning my dog Skye, reading, writing, Benjamin, taking photographs, crocheting, working in my sketchbook, adventuring, people watching, making friends with strangers, chronicling.

What do you do to earn a living?

I’m a barista …


Izabela Rachwal is no stranger to the big city – the Winnipeg-based photographer hails from Kraków, Poland. So, she of course loved the hustle and bustle of New York City when she visited last summer. It seems New York was a great big magnet for Winnipeg artists last summer, bringing in models, photographers, make-up artists and more, coincidentally all at the same time.

“New York City’s fashion industry is the largest in the world.

It was a challenge that I was ready for. I was aware it might not be easy… but ‘easy’ doesn’t make you grow. I became much busier than I have ever been in Winnipeg. The community of models is smaller here, whereas in New York I got to work with models from the top agencies in the world, and that recognition felt nice,” she says.

The photographs from her trip are stunning, and we’re thrilled to share them with our Poster readers. That being said, there were just too many we liked to fit into one post. So, consider this a two-part series.

What do you like about New York?

“Hmmm…what don’t I like? I grew up in big city so I’m used to busy streets etc. I love the fashion industry, shopping, nightlife, restaurants, cafes, museums, architecture …I can go on and on.

I love that every part of New York City is so different and unique, and I love the laid back, chill atmosphere of Park Slope, Williamsburg and Brooklyn Heights. I spent lots of time there in local coffee shops editing photographs for clients and enjoying some of the best coffee I have ever had. Soho, Greenwich Village and Meatpacking District are also amazing.”

You are a well traveled girl! What do you like about travelling and photography?

“I love travelling, getting to …



As you may remember, Poster was lucky enough to get a magical combination of talented Winnipeggers in the same great space (MAKE Coffee + Stuff) a few weeks ago to hang out and discuss making a living do something creative. For Alexa Dirks, that’s as vocalist of not one, but two great bands. For Jill Sawatzky, who styled and photographed Alexa for the shoot, that’s as designer of Tony Chestnut. (Wookey Films was kind of enough to film the whole thing, including when Alexa broke out her guitar for a gut-wrenching rendition of one of her songs off the new New Lightweights EP.)

Here, we’ve got the full story on what Alexa and Jill are up to these days, how they stay creative, and what it’s like working in music and fashion in Winnipeg. Oh, plus some absolutely gorgeous film photos of their day together. Lucky us!


 What have you been working on lately?

Jill: Lately, I’ve been working on growing a baby, and keeping a toddler alive, and building a house, and trying to fill orders. Oh… and putting together a spring/summer collection that I think will rock some socks off!

 K, don’t print that. With Tony Chestnut, I’m working on putting together a very small collection for spring/summer. It has to be very small because of all of the other things going on in my personal life, but i like to use my restrictions as challenges to try new things.
My idea for the upcoming collection is to make it more of a project. I’m in the midst of setting up the FUNNEST photo shoot. We’ll have two models (best friends in real life), and in each image they’ll be wearing the same Tony Chestnut clothing, but styled COMPLETELY different. Over-the-top different. “Royal Tennenbaums-character”


“I think that a photographer’s style will always evolve and I’m sure my experience in NYC has influenced my style. I’m not focusing on anything in particular. I shoot whatever is the most beneficial for model and clothes and what I’m in the mood for. There are many things to consider.”

This is how Winnipeg-based photographer Izabela Rachwal responds when I ask her about the dark and mysterious direction her photography has seem to taken over the past couple of years. If you’ve already read the first part of this series that we posted just a few weeks back, you may already be familiar with some of Izabela’s recent work. And as we mentioned before, there was just too much good that we had to share it all. And make it into a two part series. Here’s the rest of the best.

Natasha Remarchuk (pictured above) was one of Izabela’s fave models to shoot in New York. Natasha hails from Belarus (very cool) and Izabela’s from Poland. She says the cultural similarities kept her interested. A couple of beautiful and talented Eastern European gals hanging out at a photo shoot? Count us in.

Where do you see yourself ending up – which corner of the world?

Paris would be a great place!

Is it just me or does this beauty resemble a young Teri Hatcher?

Was it intimidating to shoot in one of the world’s biggest fashion capitals?

Shooting in NYC was more exciting than it was intimidating. I was a little worried at first and I didn’t know what to expect, but after the first one it became easy. I’m an easy going person and I had great makeup artist (Micheal Kovalik) who could make anyone look like supermodel.

“While I was there I had opportunity to meet other …