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Is Neon Fashionable In 2021?

If the thought of neon brings to mind garish leg warmers and rara skirts from the 80’s or a tacky Las Vegas strip it is time to have a rethink.  Neon is one of the key trends of 2021

Neon On The Catwalks

Right from the first spring catwalks neon was making it’s presence known.  Versace featured neon starfish as a motif, while Mark Fast and Sportsmax used neon on shoes and accessories.  However, Balmain, Balenciaga and Ricostru were the designers who stood out for fully embracing the neon trend.  The general feeling was that after such a difficult year cheerful bright neon colours were just the thing to lift our mood.

Neon On Celebrities

Celebrities were not slow in embracing neon fashion.  Dazzling neon colours have been catching our eye on every award show red carpet.  Ashley Park chose a vibrant Versace neon green gown at the 2021 Critics’ Choice Awards and the Golden Globes saw Rosamund Pike in a neon red gown and Dan Levy in neon yellow suit.  Zendaya in particular is a fan of the neon trend; she chose a neon yellow Valentino dress for her Oscar presenting duties and followed that up with a neon orange gown at the 2021 Critics’ Choice Awards.  The standout neon look on a red carpet so far this year has to be Cynthia Erivo at the Golden Globes. He stunning bright neon green tea-length Valentino dress looked stylish and fun.   Her stylist Jason Bolden explained that neon colours ‘triggers that emotion of happiness and joy. Right now, I feel like that’s what we need. That’s why I really wanted to lean into something that looked like that — bold and impactful

How To Wear Neon

If you are feeling bold and confident then head-to-toe is definitely a statement look.  …


Which Vitamins Do Teenage Girls Need?

We all put time and effort into making sure we stay as fit and healthy as possible.  With our busy lives, although we may aim for a healthy, balanced diet with over five portions of fruit and veg a day, we don’t always succeed.  To fill the gaps in our diet the easiest thing to do is grab a tub of multivitamins and take one every day. But if you ever stop to look at the list of ingredients on your multivitamins you will find that no two are alike.  The list will be very long and full of abbreviations and figures leaving you wondering exactly what it is you are taking and if it is the best choice for you.

The reason for this is that there are thirteen vitamins and sixteen minerals that we all need for our bodies to function.  On top of this there are other dietary components we need such as fish oil and herbs.  Our bodies can not make any of these so we need to consume them.  In an ideal world our diet would supply everything we need but realistically most of us supplement with a multivitamin pill.

What Difference Does Being Female Make?

Things are even more complicated if you are a woman.  During all the different stages of a woman’s life her nutritional needs change drastically.  For example, the amount of iron the average woman needs can vary between 18 mg a day to 8 mg a day depending on her age.  Added to this, if she suffers from heavy periods or other hormonal complications then she can require even more than that.  Of course, being pregnant or breast-feeding adds further variants to the amount of micronutrients needed.


In addition, unless you are taking a multivitamin specifically tailored to females, then …