Recently fashion design council of India (FDCI) has announced to conduct India’s ever – first digital fashion week. This is the decision which was taken due to continuous cancellation and postponed cancel events. The fashion world is now in the situation to move completely digital due to the COVID – 19 pandemic conditions. After the outbreak of COVID – 19, fashion technology in India and also all over the world has been facing many striving issues. To tackle this adhesive condition fashion industry in Italy has also announced that the popular Milan and Paris fashion will go digital this month.

Digital is the demand now

FDCI has realized that digital media is now the only hope to catch hold the business and so executives in FDCI has conformed clearly that all the upcoming fashion week will become digital for certain period of time. The chairman of FDCI has given a statement which says “the executives in fashion technology are tirelessly working hard to reinvent the wheel and to reset the whole buttons in digital form”. He also added that detailed information regarding the fashion week going digital will be announced as early as possible just after completing the plans extensively. Also certain sources add that the digital fashion week will be continuing till the month of august hoping that the condition will improve then.

Italy’s men’s Milan fashion week

Men’s popular Milan fashion week will be postponed to the month of July and it was actually planned to be conducted on the month of June. All the new arrivals of both men and women suits which can be worn in summer is given more importance at this time in Milan fashion. This fashion week will be presented purely in digital form posting all the vital pictures and videos in an elegant manner. An executive working for this Men’s Milan fashion has announced this fashion week will entirely concentrate only on the brands which are going to be released in the year 2021. He also added this digital fashion week program will surely help the sellers to make their products reach their buyers easily even at this extensive pandemic situation.

Paris Fashion week

As Milan fashion week Paris fashion week has also plans to move in digital form. Reports say Paris fashion week is about to be conducted in digital format in the month of July this year. Also they have announced the clear date in which the fashion week will be conducted and the dates are July 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. They also send they are going to exhibit the fashion week fully in video format.

Altogether COVID – 19 has brought many changes in many industries and fashion industry is also the one which has faced a very big change. Not only India, Paris and Milan all the other countries fashion world are also looking upon to move digital in order to catch the lost business and to be in touch with the buyers all the time.