It seems like forever that I’ve been scheming and planning these Postertees/tank, so it’s exciting to announce that they’re finally here. Sometimes I just can’t get over the nice looking faces (and stems) we’ve got right here in Winnipeg. They’re just so good that, well, they deserve to be on a shirt.

You know what else deserves to be on a shirt? Anything made by Roy Liang. Roy is a very talented local artist/crafter who moonlights as a DJ. Remember those neighbourhood shirts with the street names running down the side? He’s responsible for those, among other amazing (and often Winnipeg-inspired) pieces. We’re so lucky to have had him design this great 90′s bitch tee, inspired by Icona Pop’s song, I Love It.


We had so much fun shooting them this weekend and the photos turned out incredible. Almost makes me want to make them into a tee. Whoops, sorry.


I’ve also been having so much fun wearing my own tee that I wore it for two days straight. I almost wished I hadn’t the other night when the pizza guy came in and I featured my number with a top bun and PJ pants. I thought the first time anyone saw me in my Grant tee would be a little more glamorous. But whatever, who says pizza isn’t glamorous.





The two tees and tank will be in stores as of Friday. For locals, check out Green Apple Skateboard Shop on Corydon, and Freshair Boutique on Academy (selected styles). For those shopping from afar, we’ll have our little Etsy shop up and running by the end of the week, so keep those eyes peeled.