I’m instagramming roses blooming over here in Vancouver, while Winnipeg woke up to yet another snow storm. Sorry, suckers. (We like Niki Trosky’s response to the Prairie’s extended winter.) To help with the spring spirit, Aussie photographer Jake Weisz sent us over his gorgeous shoot with model Elisa Colla. And we’re feeling warmer already.

I met Jake when I was in NYC this past summer, where he recently moved to pursue fashion photography. His photos are always romantic, sun-drenched productions, and I’ve been bugging him since we met to let me share his stuff.


On the inspiration for the shoot:

“We wanted to introduce new spring styles with a sense of whimsy. The natural light in the studio created a peaceful atmosphere to shoot in.”


On moving to NYC:

“I made the move to New York because I wanted to experience everything this city has to offer. I got the opportunity to get a one year work visa and immediately took the chance to fly over and explore the big city.”


On his photographic influences:

“I’m most influenced by Eugenio Recuenco, Tim Walker, Charles Ebbets, Rodney Smith and Annie Leibowitz.”

On the hardest part:

“The hardest part is the people you leave behind. My family and closest friends are the reason I am the confident, strong person I am today. Not having them around me all the time makes living here so hard. But I know they’re still there supporting me, and it means so much.


On the best part:

“The best part of living in NY is the ability to wander around the city and be completely immersed in inspiration. The personalities, the fashion, buildings and beauty. The city that never gets boring.”

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