neon fashion

If the thought of neon brings to mind garish leg warmers and rara skirts from the 80’s or a tacky Las Vegas strip it is time to have a rethink.  Neon is one of the key trends of 2021

Neon On The Catwalks

Right from the first spring catwalks neon was making it’s presence known.  Versace featured neon starfish as a motif, while Mark Fast and Sportsmax used neon on shoes and accessories.  However, Balmain, Balenciaga and Ricostru were the designers who stood out for fully embracing the neon trend.  The general feeling was that after such a difficult year cheerful bright neon colours were just the thing to lift our mood.

Neon On Celebrities

Celebrities were not slow in embracing neon fashion.  Dazzling neon colours have been catching our eye on every award show red carpet.  Ashley Park chose a vibrant Versace neon green gown at the 2021 Critics’ Choice Awards and the Golden Globes saw Rosamund Pike in a neon red gown and Dan Levy in neon yellow suit.  Zendaya in particular is a fan of the neon trend; she chose a neon yellow Valentino dress for her Oscar presenting duties and followed that up with a neon orange gown at the 2021 Critics’ Choice Awards.  The standout neon look on a red carpet so far this year has to be Cynthia Erivo at the Golden Globes. He stunning bright neon green tea-length Valentino dress looked stylish and fun.   Her stylist Jason Bolden explained that neon colours ‘triggers that emotion of happiness and joy. Right now, I feel like that’s what we need. That’s why I really wanted to lean into something that looked like that — bold and impactful

How To Wear Neon

If you are feeling bold and confident then head-to-toe is definitely a statement look.  Most of us are probably not quite assured to go for all over neon but fancy more than just painting our nails a fluorescent shade.

An easy way to wear neon is with a single accessory.  The pop of a neon green handbag or the flash of neon orange heels can instantly lift an outfit.  A neon blazer is also a popular choice this year.  If Zoom meetings are still a large part of your life consider wearing chunky neon necklaces or bright drop earrings to add a splash of colour to proceedings.

Which Colours Go With Neon?

neon catwalk

The colours you choose to team with your neon can make a huge difference to the overall look of your outfit.  While you might automatically think to team your neon with black for the greatest contrast it is worth considering other shades and colours.

Light colours can look really good with neon. White and neon are inextricably linked with sports in most people’s minds so bear that in mind.  Surprisingly, pastel and neon work really well together, especially if you pick the same colour.  So neon yellow with lemon and neon green with mint and so on create a stylish effect.

Neutrals also team well with neon.  Grey is an excellent foil for neon but beige is the popular choice this year.  Brown is also a popular option, especially as we start thinking about autumn.

Patterns can be tricky to pair with neon as the overall effect can be too intense.  If you would like to choose a pattern then animal prints, such as leopard print, can be a good choice.  Checks and stripes can work if you use complementary colours. Florals can easily seem lost when teamed with neon but a dark, dense floral pattern can be a success.

Using Neon In Interior Design

Just as neon is bringing a welcome brightness to our clothes it is also finding its way into our homes.  Bright neon shades are a definite trend in 2021 in interior design.

Many of the tips above about how to wear neon can also be applied to our room décor.  If you are feeling bold then a small space could be given an all over neon treatment but most of us will use neon in a more limited way than that.  Accessories such as cushions, lights and throws are an easy way to get neon into your room.

Similar rules with regards to wearing colours with neon also can be applied to your room.  The kitchen is a great place to team neon with neutrals like grey and white.  A bedroom would benefit from a colour scheme mixing pastel and neon shades of the same colour.

A popular way to get neon into your décor is using neon signs.  Placed on a wall they can be an eye-catching focal point.  Modern neon lights tend to be made from LED neon which is cheaper, safer and more energy efficient than traditional glass neon lights while still giving you the dazzling glow.  They can also easily change colour or flash.

Using neon signs to spell out phrases is an interesting design trend.  Neon signs can be customised using different colours and fonts and you can even choose what you would like them to say.  Do consider where you are going to hang your sign though.  If you hang a sign saying something personal or obscure you could find yourself repeatedly having to explain the meaning to everyone who sees it from your in-laws to delivery drivers!


After a difficult year coping with a global pandemic, neon is the fashion trend everyone wants to brighten their lives.  Whether it is the clothes we are wearing or in our homes, the comforting glow of neon is definitely in fashion in 2021.