It ain’t that easy to pose for the camera when all eyes are on you. To have the ability to do it with such ease and personality is really a talent.

“Honestly, I’m not much of an actor. If you put me in front of crowds to talk then I stutter and get very nervous. However posing in front of the camera, without having to speak to it, is so much easier. I can work my emotions through my face and body, no need for speech,” says Dez Joyal, the Winnipeg-born, French Canadian model.

Like most, she got into modelling at a young age. Her stint with modelling began with a model and talent search put on by Panache Management.

“I had been walking in the mall with a girlfriend of mine when we were 12 years old, and we saw a stage with people handing out flyers. I signed up without even taking two thoughts about it. Next thing I knew, I had a phone call asking me to be in the show. I loved it, and ended up starting the program with Panache. The following summer, I was off to Tokyo.”


I love how kittenish she looks in these photos by Izabela Rachwal (Izabela can turn anyone into a sex goddess, though Dez really didn’t need much help). I first met Dez during a shoot for the Summer 2011 issue of SANDBOX Magazine. She worked daisy-printed hotpants and wooden platforms like a champ.

“Working with Izabela is great. We have now shot twice together, and I feel like she’s been a long time friend to me. We ‘ve had to stop shooting a couple times because we started laughing about dragged on subjects that have nothing to do with modeling. She’s a blast, a super sweet girl.”