Long hair don’t care. Raezavel Argulla brought serious meaning to Instagram’s most popular hashtag when she grew out her gorgeous black mane this year. Unfortunately we’ve been admiring it from a distance, as the Winnipeg fashion blogger (of Cheap Thrills) packed her bags and moved to Toronto last summer to study fashion communications at Ryerson University. That being said, she’s had a lot more going on this year than just that hair.

“I know that the hellish first year of all-nighters, zero-social life, 8AM classes and simultaneous due dates will ALL be worth it. Yes, the fashion industry is glamorous, but no one ever said getting there would be pretty!”

Poster caught up with Raez, who’s recently moved back for the summer, to find out what she’s been up to.


What the heck is in the water in Toronto? (We’re talking about your hair)

Nothing much more than what’s in Winnipeg’s water I’m sure! My hair just grows insanely fast, about an inch per month–eek! Pampering it with coconut oil every once in a while doesn’t hurt though.


How would you compare style in Toronto as to Winnipeg?

Sooooo much more black! Everywhere I walk downtown is a sea of chic black, everyone here looks so polished. Now that it’s spring, it’s sea of beige. And more black. I’ve also noticed that everyone here owns Hunter rain boots, ha!


Any amazing Canadian designers you’ve been introduced to that we should be paying attention to?

Sid Neigum, Chloe comme Parris and Jeremy Laing all the way.


Tell us about your gig for Kay-Tran

Last May, Kathy Tran contacted me about trying out a pair of KayTran sunnies for my blog. Her namesake brand was also featured in the same issue of Flare that I was featured in and I guess she read about me and thought Cheap Thrills and KayTran would be a good fit! Fast forward to December and she contacted me again asking if I’d style and model for a Spring relaunch campaign, and of course, I was more than happy to oblige.


What’s your favourite item to wear right now?

Right now it would be my vintage leather biker jacket which I found in vintage store on Queen St. West. It’s perfectly soft, cropped just right and was an amazing find for $65!

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