Those Seier sisters. We really can’t get enough. You remember Johanna, the megababe who modelled our Poster tees, right? Here she is in a few gorgeous designs made by her sister, Brownyn(a frequent Poster stylist and multi-talented beauty in her own right), who has put together a rather spontaneous summer line on sale this weekend at Ordnry Clothing.

“It started with a few additions to my own wardrobe for the summer, and then I started making things in multiples. I think this line is the first time I’ve ever made eight of something, or even three,” she says. “I put some of my clothing designs in the Vincent Massey High School fashion show and so did the guys at Ordrny. They thought a collaboration would be great for the store and great for my non-existent-at-the-time summer collection. I couldn’t agree more – I couldn’t produce a clothing line without an awesome place to put it for sale!”


“Prices range from $30 – $90 which is my best attempt to cover the fabric, give the store their cut, and potentially earn money for a future line,” says the young designer, who – in typical Winnipeg fashion – drew inspiration from necessity.

“A lot of my inspiration came from what was on the shelf at the fabric store, because Winnipeg isn’t famous for its variety of fabric stores. Even so, I made it my goal to bring everything together by keeping it based around clothing that is fun and feels super one-of-a-kind.”



She took a similar “use what you find” approach to the photo shoot, taking photos of her (stunning) sister up against a – well, a public washroom.

“It sounds weird,” Bronwyn admits  “but they built a new washroom building with mirrored walls, wooden walls, and teal train crates, it made for an awesome backdrop.


The clothes go on sale at Ordnry this weekend at their “Out of the Ordinry” event in the Exchange District. Oh, the best part? Both sisters will be there too.

“I’ll be at the event for as many waking hours as I can,” says Brownwyn. “And I’m sure my sister will swing by a few times, especially because I owe her at least a blouse or two for doing such a kick ass job modeling for me!”

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