I don’t know about you, but the idea of a short-sleeved sweater gets me very, very excited. THIS bad boy (the shirt, not the Depp lookalike) showed up in my email the other day, in a weekly newsletter from one of my favourite online purveyors of goods: Best Made Company. And if you haven’t heard of them before, take a look, because this is where you’ll be buying your boyfriend’s bday prezzies from now on.

Their stuff is expensive, high-quality, and unwaveringly rugged.

They started out making luxury axes – tools with supreme craftsmanship and gorgeously painted handles. I can’t imagine anyone who actually uses axes to chop wood would ever buy one of these. But I can imagine a lot of hipsters hanging them on the walls of their urban apartments.

I first stumbled upon BMC when I was looking for Nor-V-Gen shoe oil to waterproof my loafers. (It works!) But then I found a hundred other things they sell that I both love and cannot afford.


Is it the distressed bag I’m coveting or the man carrying it? Probably both. The point is, they know how to market the shit out of a “ditty” bag.


These pups bring me back to my days as a lifeguard. Except mine were about four times as wide and didn’t look nearly so good soaking wet.

Real men drink from hollowed out horns, of course.

I probably don’t cut enough things to justify $66 on a pair of scissors, but we both know I’m going to do spend it anyway.

This cargo net reminds me of a DIY I’ve been meaning to try lately. I would use mine for toilet paper.


On any given day you’ll catch me wearing a version of this grey sweater. But this baby has to be the ultimate.

For now, I sit and wait patiently for this baby to arrive in the mail. Where exactly will I wear a short-sleeved sweatshirt, you ask? Your guess is as good as mine. Mostly likely just slow grinding around my apartment. But at least I’ll look rugged doing it.